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The Blessings Challenge

I had a client here the other day who’s in a rough place. According to her, nothing is going right in her life. Zero, Zip. Bupkis. She was hunched over in the chair, hair in the face, and no matter what positive news I saw coming for her, it wasn’t enough. She was so caught up in her negative zone, that she couldn’t let anything hopeful in.  And I don’t think she wanted to.

She makes Grumpy Cat look like a kid on Red Bull and Pixie Stix.

She makes Grumpy Cat look like a kid on Red Bull and Pixie Stix.

Check it: when I’d last seen her a few months before, she was freaked out because she’d been unemployed for awhile. She never thought she’d work again.  I saw a job coming, and guess what,  she DID get it.  But now its not enough. She hates the job, it doesn’t pay enough, she doesn’t like the commute, yadda yadda yadda.

As a psychic, it wouldn’t much matter what I told her — she would never step up and accept anything good.   She’d just let the bad roll on over her.

Look, I understand that, when tough things are being fired at you like one of those tennis ball machines, its hard to stay positive.  These are precisely the times that call for summoning up your inner badass.

I wrote in my book, OK, So You’re Dead that souls on the Other Side vie for the chance to incarnate into human form.  I know, I know – who would choose to deal with all the stuff we have to deal with down here? But the truth is, being human offers the fast track to our spiritual development.   It’s serious boot camp.

So when you’re faced with a rough patch, you have a choice. Being a Debbie Downer may feel good because it completely absolves you of any responsibility, but it will change not one blessed thing.  It does not serve you.  In fact, that downer energy will just attract more icky stuff, like one nasty-ass magnet.

Now I’m not saying that you act like Mary Poppins On Nitrous Oxide, either.  I just want you to recognize that we are all given positive energy to work with in our lives. It’s a law of nature: yin and yang, dark and light, up and down. There’s never any bad that doesn’t balance out with something good; you may have to look for it, but its ALWAYS there.

So here’s the challenge: every night before you go to sleep, tick off seven things going right in your world (seven is a power number).


Your list could be as simple as the fact that you’re sleeping in a comfy bed, your kids are healthy, you have a roof over your head, you got a smile from the coffee guy, you’re not your mother-in-law, etc. I want you to do this every night for two weeks.

Whenever you encounter a tough moment during the day, recall one of your seven blessings from the night before. It counteracts the “heaviness” of that initial moment.

NOTE: The suckier your life seems at the moment, the more you need to do this!!!

I think what you’ll find is that the rough edges in your world start to smooth out. The more you look for what’s good and right, the more things will start to go right.

This is not Pollyanna talk; there are real physical properties to our attitude. It’s strictly an energy thing.  So when you’re challenged by the world, choose to stand up and claim the good stuff.  It’s like a shot of antibiotics to negative funk.

Need me to kick you in the butt and help move you forward?  Get in touch.


How Animals Think

One of the things I love most about doing animal communication is how clear they are when they “speak.”  They get right to the point and say what they mean in very few words. I mean, VERY few.

A woman called me to help with her cat. The animal had run off and refused to be trapped or enticed back into the house. I got that she was old and sick, and wanted to be left alone to die on her own terms.

The owner begged and pleaded – literally – for kitty to return home.

“Tell her, if she comes home, I’ll give her the stinky treats she likes.”

[CAT] “No.”

[OWNER] “And I promise she can have that spot on the couch that she’s not allowed on.

[CAT] “No.”

[OWNER] “Tell her that-“

[CAT] “Nuh-uh.”

It went on and on like this for a good while, the cat being very clear about her intentions. The owner, naturally, was turning herself inside out with promises, pleas, explanations and the kitchen sink, but kitty wasn’t having it.


There was no need for her to share her reasoning, no long explanations to patch up the owner’s feelings. She simply said what was what.

For her part, the owner was taking on a lot of emotional weight, worried that kitty would think she hadn’t tried hard enough to get her back. I got very clearly that that never even crossed the cat’s mind.

Animals don’t get into the complicated emotional riffs that we humans do: “If I don’t do this, then so and so will think this and then I’ll have to do the other thing, yadda yadda yadda.” You know how it is: we’re playing perpetual chess games in our head with the people and circumstances in our life. It’s a way for us to avoid conflicts (or in some bitchy cases, CAUSE conflicts. Hello, Real Housewives).


But this perpetual emotional jujitsu is exhausting.

Animals don’t bother with it. Their inner lives are clear and simple. I don’t mean this to sound like they’re stupid, because they are most definitely not. I actually see this as indicative of their superiority – they’re not tying themselves in knots over every little thing. They don’t complicate the situation or attach judgements or look for hidden meanings in another’s words.  They don’t blame or hold grudges.  They are a walking Zen moment with stinky breath.

I mean, how else can a dog continue to eagerly greet their owner even when said owner is a straight-up jerk?

At any rate, animals are spiritual teachers in fur/finned clothing. Try thinking like your cat or dog for a moment and see life simply in the here and now.  Get straight to your point without a lot of additional words or conditions.  Spit it out, already.  It’s a refreshing break from the overthinking we habitually do.

Just remember not to lick yourself in public.