Pets In Spirit: How They Stick Around

In my free time, I volunteer with an animal rescue group. The other day, I adopted out one of our older cats to a woman who had recently lost her beloved Charlie. She was eager to give another senior cat a loving home – always a wonderful situation.

Anyway, when I called to follow up, she mentioned that the new kitty, Molly, was staring at the places where Charlie once hung out, as if she could see him. She, too, swore that she’d seen Charlie out of the corner of her eye several times since his passing. But of course, that was impossible. Right?


Animal energy is very “sticky.” It attaches to the people and places the critter loved.  So its no surprise that an animal who loved their human will want to keep an eye on them, even when they’re out of their physical body. [I wrote more about pet loss  here and here.]

Living animals pick up on spirit animals very easily. They communicate back and forth, with the spirit version often giving the physical animal an assist in the home: “The lady will give you people food if you look at her like this….” “Watch out for that small kid – he pulls tails….” “The man is sad….he needs extra hand licks.” [These are actual messages I’ve gotten during some of my Animal Communication sessions.]

As for thinking you’ve seen your pet after they’ve gone, you have. One client wrote to me that he’d seen his dog going around the corner of the living room. Another saw her cat laying in the sun like she used to – just for a second. You may also see “sparkles” out of the corner of your eye just after thinking of them. You think you hear or smell them, feel them laying next to you on the bed or sitting in the car like they used to. Don’t dismiss these moments. They are gifts from your fur baby on the Other Side.


6 responses to “Pets In Spirit: How They Stick Around

  1. Reblogged this on Tailbook and commented:
    Pets In Spirit: How They Stick Around… Well they do. And this post proves that I am not the only one who thinks so! :o}

  2. Glad you liked it — I’ve experienced so many spirit pets that I KNOW in my bones that they stay with us!

  3. Cindy, I loved this post, and love animals, so have reblogged. Travel safe. Julie 🙂

  4. Lois Grossman

    Hi Cindy,

    I am still getting my list of questions together. Want to make sure I have everything covered.

    Question: When our Furry Friends go to the Otherside

    Do the Cats and Dogs get along together…?

    I know most don’t


    • Hey Lois — I have seen dogs and cats hanging together on the other side with no problem. The things that make them upset or uncomfortable while they’re on Earth don’t exist on the Other Side. So there’s no reason for them to fight!

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