Can Anyone Be A Medium?


So I was just at this weekend workshop for advanced mediumship training – always good to tune things up, learn some new skills, stretch a little. During a break, I was chatting with one of the other students about what we did, etc.  I made a comment that I believe everyone has psychic ability. She jumped in  “But not everyone’s a medium.”

On that, I have to disagree. Yes, there are some folks who are totally awesome at connecting with spirits on the Other Side. To them, the sensing of energy, images, feelings comes easily. They connect the dots, seemingly effortlessly.

Other mediums may need to work a little harder at making the link with a spirit person. But they make it.

I’ve been in enough classes over the years to know that everyone can discover and develop their own ability. I’ve seen someone go from straight beginner to being able to give a mediumistic message by the end of a course. It may not flow as smoothly as those with their channel more finely tuned, but its there. The rest comes from practice and building one’s confidence. That’s really it.

I believe that the ability to discern other energetic levels is inborn in each of us. It’s a tool we’ve been given to more fully realize our life’s goals. Over the centuries, humans have evolved to be more aware of this ability and less fearful of it, generally speaking. I’m thinking that a hundred years from now, connecting with spirit energy or psychic impressions will be just another thing we do when we need information. Like a spiritual Google.

Our inborn ability can be drowned out by the struggles of daily life. It’s a subtle organ, easily overwhelmed by grocery lists, car pools, deadlines, whatever. Opening and developing your own gift takes time, practice and commitment; simply put, those are the only things that separate you from a professional medium or psychic.

When people learn I’m a psychic-medium, they’re all like, “Ooooh….cool. I wish I could do what you do.” I’m here to tell you that you can. I would love it if we could get away from regarding mediums and psychics like they’re magical creatures from another planet; the same ability to pick up other energies is part of your DNA, too.

And personally, I think the world would be a much more peaceful place if we all tapped into it. So start tapping, bitches.

I shared some simple exercises to open your own psychic channel here.   And I write more about the Other Side in my new book – which is a great read, if I do say so myself!


4 responses to “Can Anyone Be A Medium?

  1. I usually love your posts, but this one, I’m reserving judgement on, only because I’m also a professional clairvoyant medium (taking a hiatus) and whilst I agree that anyone can be trained to make use of their psychic abilities, it’s been my experience that mediumship is whole new ball game,

    There are so many variables to take into account,with such an ability – I’ve had assorted teachers over the years both in the UK & Australia,(not forgetting spirit, of course) and my primary mentor (several years ago) was a trance medium, and some of the things I’ve experienced and seen, including attempts at ‘direct voice’ preclude ‘anyone’ being taught to be a medium, unless they have inherent abilities.

    I personally, believe mediums are born, whereas psychic skills can be developed, and I sincerely believe that mediumistic ability has to be nurtured in a very ‘safe’ environment,

    Sorry, to disagree slightly, but keep up the great posts, I love reading them, and I totally agree that we’re people, not oracles or even the devil incarnate, just normal humans who have to get up in the morning like everyone else.

  2. PS: please ignore any typos, I was writing on the move..Julie 🙂

  3. Hi Julie — your points are very well taken. I’m thinking more in the line of mental mediumship. Agreed that trance is a whole new ballgame and not for everyone. But I think that anyone willing to put in the time — and for most, it will be a LOT of time — they can find some sort of connection. Thanks for commenting — always great to have a conversation about these topics.

  4. For Me personally. I don’t think I could ever tap into my psychic abilities. Its such a scary thing to do. you guys are so brave. being a psychic is a tough job to do.

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