On Psychic Accuracy

I got a really nice email from someone I just read, happily announcing that she’s pregnant. During our session, the question had come up. I saw some minor issues conceiving, but with a healthy pregnancy by November.

Turns out, that’s when she’s due to give birth. She did have a few fertility problems in the past, but felt they had been resolved (clearly, they were!). In her email, she asked about the timing around this question, and why it was sort of “reversed” during our reading.

That’s a good one. The psychic process is not an exact science. For me, the information that I get sort of flows over and under itself; I’m along for the ride, trying to pick out the mile markers and identifying people and points in time. But its not an atomic clock.


Psychics are not Hal 5000

I think most psychics will tell you that they “let go” during a reading; we surrender our conscious, logical mind to something a bit more fluid. It’s the nature of the thing. Intuition is far more organic, and has its own language. By trying to be too precise, it can choke off the flow. At least, that’s how it feels to me.

Sometimes it can feel like this....

Sometimes it can feel like this….

Being the super-organized, somewhat controlling person that I am in my daily life, the psychic process is challenging. But I’ve found it to be a good counterweight to my own growth. As I read, I avoid trying to be too exact, because once I go there, it’s more “me” talking and less spirit.

If you’re looking for 100%, time-and-date specific, bet-the-farm-on-it information, there’s always Wikipedia. Know that intuitive information is a little squishier. The edges around a message may be blurry, but the core is what you need to consider. Take what resonates from a reading, and leave the rest.

Fellow psychics, what’s your take on this?

2 responses to “On Psychic Accuracy

  1. I must agree with you about accuracy. And the fact that the core is what’s important. I’ve been a psychic medium over 30 years, and now spend much of my time teaching it. In the old days (LOL) when I was sitting in a spiritualist church unfoldment class, we were told “There is no Time in the Spirit World.” So timeframes were frowned on. I think that was a little over simplified, but was true. The earth plane is the only place that requires linear stuff and Time is part of that.

    I always warn my clients that timing is not always on target, but I usually get pretty close in the ballpark, so to speak. But another thing to really consider is this: what we do as psychic mediums is not to be taken as “Gospel”. It is to be used as counsel — information that you gather to make decisions and plan your life.

    The Universe shifts and changes every second, so how could we expect everything to remain the same time-wise? It can’t. So even if we see it a certain way at this moment, it could change drastically after a week has passed.

    Great article, thanks!

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