Seven Things to Do In a “7” Year

There’s something about the number “7.”  Lucky seven, the seven seas, Dance of the Seven Veils, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers….you get the drift.  Seven has some righteous energy.  Traditionally, “7” is the number of wisdom, of the mystic and the magician.  According to numerology, it’s the number driving this brand new year, 2014.   Not for nothing,  I happen to be writing this on Jan. 7th.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Anyway, 2014 is gonna pack a pretty powerful wallop – in a good way.  So here’s what you can do in a 7 Year to take full advantage.

1)   Study anything psychic or metaphysical.    If you’ve ever had the hankering to learn Tarot cards or how to talk to dead people, this is the year to take it up.  With all the positive vibes in the air, your progress will be much easier.  Here’s a starting point.  And this is a fun exercise, too.

Gandalf says, "Get your own."

Gandalf says, “Get your own.”

2)    Undertake any form of healing – including surgery.  If you’ve been feeling funky, the 7 energy is gonna make whatever you do to get healthier a lot more effective.  Your body and mind will respond and repair way faster.  Note:  bad plastic surgery is excluded from this.  No amount of cosmic juice can undo a face from looking like it was caught in the G-force simulator at NASA.

You gotta know when to fold 'em...and when to put the knife down, dammit.

You gotta know when to fold ’em…and when to put the knife down, dammit.

3)   Offload people who aren’t meshing with you.  As long as we’re talking healing, you know there are some folks in your world who drain you, frustrate you, make you want to punch a wall.  If you’ve done everything you can to make things work and they’re still behaving badly, you need to ditch them.  The 7 energy will make it easier to say – once and for all – “buh bye.”  I wrote about a technique that can help here.

Time to take out the trash.

Time to take out the trash.

4)  Change any behaviors that don’t work.  In a 7 year, fixing bad habits is a breeze.  Well, almost.  If you want to lose weight/stop smoking/give up your eBay addiction, make a plan….but then let the magic 7 smooth the way.

5)  Take advantage of enhanced intution.  You’re gonna be standing in line at Starbucks, just minding your own bidness, when – POW! – something will pop into your head about someone you know.  Hopefully, its not embarassing.  But at any rate, the 7 energy really cranks up the volume on our natural intuition, so pay attention to what you’re getting.  Write down your “hits” as a way to track and develop your unique psychic style.   And remember to protect yourself while you’re experiencing this new energy.

It's about to get real....

It’s about to get real….

6)  Reflect on your life purpose.   All this mystical energy has a point:  it leads us to ask the big questions.  “Who am I?”  “Where am I headed?”  “Why can’t Kim Kardashian find a top that fits?”

Seriously girl, get a proper fitting.  You're gonna hurt someone.

Seriously girl, get a proper fitting. You’re gonna hurt someone.

This year, you may find yourself feeling more inspired and introspective than usual; allow yourself the time to just hang out and take stock of how your journey has gone so far – and where you want it to take you next.

7)  Write in a journal.  A journal is a great way to log all the “aha!” moments and adventures the 7 year is going to bring your way.  By the time Ryan Seacrest announces the ball dropping again in Times Square, a lot will have happened.  You’ll want a record of it.

Happy 2014.  Now go kick some ass.

4 responses to “Seven Things to Do In a “7” Year

  1. I am proud of myself. I had a massage job which I am really good at, but my boss treated me so bad I finally quit. I have no job and not sure what’
    s going to happen to me, but I feel much better!!

  2. Good for you, girl. That took a yard of guts to walk away from such abuse. When you act bravely, the Universe will ALWAYS support you. I see it all the time. You’re going to find something soon, I can feel it!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    First of all, I’m so glad that I found this site! It’s been very informative for me. I’ve read all of your articles, and they’ve all hit home with me at this time.
    I will try not to write you a book here, but I will just let flow out of me whatever I’m guided to. I went to my very first psychic reading last year on my 45th birthday. That was probably one of the best gifts that I could have ever given myself! I knew that I was an Intuitive person before my reading, but it has gotten only stronger since.
    I have been a home health caregiver for the elderly for 25 years now. It has been a very rewarding job for me, but I now have this urge or pull to do something else. I am not sure what it is yet, but I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with healing. I will continue to pray about this and ask for guidance.
    A question that I have is, I’ve been married to my husband for over 25 years now. I love him very much, but he is not yet open to any of this psychic stuff. I feel like I can’t be my true, genuine self around him. I feel like I have to hide certain things from him, like writing this to you, for one. How does one follow their soul where they are being guided without feeling ridiculed from close friends and loves ones! I do not have many, if any people around me that I can talk openly with about this kind of stuff. I’m so thankful that I do have an open minded mother I can talk to, and my 3 children are also open minded. It’s just hard living with a closed minded husband. I say my prayers for him to be more open minded and understanding, everyday. Anything else that you can suggest?
    Also, I feel like I will be doing some kind of Spiritual Healing. Are you able to feel any of that?
    Thank you again for such a wonderful site! I’m so glad that I was guided here!
    Many Blessings to you ~ ❤ ~

    • Hi Missy — thanks for your wonderful comment. When I first started developing my own gift, I had the same reaction from some of my close friends and family. It can be tough. I learned to share what I was doing with those who were supportive and not worry so much about the others. The irony is, all these years later, some of those skeptics are my biggest supporters. I’m doing a reading this morning for my sister, who regularly gave me eye rolls when I would discuss things. I would just say to keep pressing forward; your husband may or may not come around. And that’s fine. I would pray for YOU to be stronger in your journey and that all turns out for everyone’s highest good. Then let it go. You might be surprised at what develops in coming months. As for your next step, I agree that you’ll be doing more healing work. I get the ping that you might wind up as a hospice care giver — your work with the elderly has had a greater impact than you realize, and you may be called to help them “over the ditch.” I also sense some kind of “hands on healing.” Just stay open and true, and let the road rise up to meet you.

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