Bringing A Dream Back to Life

I love Facebook, mainly for the way it helps us reconnect with people from our past – like my college roommate.  She posted something today that made me recall how frikkin’ smart she always was – even if most of the time, we couldn’t see it through all the pot smoke and Southern Comfort haze polluting the dorm.

In 1979, this was a food group.

In 1979, this was a food group.

Here’s what she had to say about the upcoming holiday shopping frenzy:

“Just had a radical thought. Apologies to all the retailers out there, but who among us needs more stuff? Hmmmm? What if this year, instead of giving ANY gifts, we funded people’s dreams? What if we asked the people on our gift list, “What do you dream about doing/becoming?” And then, what if we took whatever we were going to spend on whatever THING they probably don’t need (even if they think they want it) and spent that on making something less tangible, but likely more valuable, come true? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Yes.  Yes, it would.  But it put me in mind of something that comes up with many of my clients:  they don’t know what their dream is anymore.  Or they’re afraid to express it.  The litany I hear is a mashup of,  “It’s too late/I have too many responsibilities/it’s stupid…”  But the thing is, it’s your DUTY to recapture some part of that dream and make it happen to whatever extent you can.

Choosing to get on the wild ride that is human life is a big deal.  The souls that agree to step back into human form are opting for a major opportunity to not only grow themselves, but to help other souls grow by their influence.  It’s like throwing a pebble into a pond: the ripples move outward.

The dream(s) you came into this life with are part of your homework as a soul.  If you can’t quite recall them, think back to the things you liked to do as a child.  I was insane for ballet, and bugged my parents for lessons.  Hips and boobs and being 5’9” kinda killed the goal of being a professional, but my love for the art form has continued.  I’ve shared my knowledge and love of various ballets and dancers with younger enthusiasts, and like to think I’m sort of paying it forward.

In my dreams....

In my dreams….

So while becoming a pro singer, football star or veterinarian may be out of the cards, there are always ways to dabble.  Drill down to the core of what you love: if you can’t go to vet school, you could do animal rescue work.  If you never made it to the major leagues, you can coach Little League.  Ask your spirit guides to give you some direction.  They live for this stuff.

The dreams you have are the carry-on bags from your journey from the Other Side.  They hold the seeds to your happiness and spiritual evolution.  And the people who are also touched by those dreams grow in ways you can’t even imagine.

So this season, give thanks for the impossible notions you came into this life with.  Take a moment to dust them off,  look at them — then dare to make them happen.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” — awesome quote I just heard on a TV commercial

3 responses to “Bringing A Dream Back to Life

  1. Cindy. Do You believe that if you talk to god that he may show you a sign through a dream? And do you believe that we may get punished for our past lives sins?
    Me and my twin sister are biracial and had a terrible life in Cincinnati,ohio when we were growing up. We could not go outside without the African American kids bulling and attacking us everyday. These kids would try to drown us in public pools, made us preform oral and do sexual things with them. We had to deal with this for at least 7 years.We were beat so bad everyday by these kids that my sister actually became racist. I was so much different than my twin, though. I actually learned about African American people and never had a racist bone in my body. While going through all of this with the kids on the streets, my mother was no better. She beat me and my sister until we finally moved out of the tri state and down to Tucson Arizona were she was arrested for child abuse. As I got older, I started to really get into racism and learn about it. I kind of was the weird one in the family because I loved to see different races together. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life (and I still do). Well life isn’t easy for me (and still isn’t). Im 43 and lots of bad things still keep happening to me. I never could understand why God put me down here to suffer so much. So one day I was sitting at home and asked heavenly father to please show me in my dreams who I hurt in my past lives. Late that night, I went to sleep,and had this crazy dream. I woke up next morning with tears in my eyes. In my dream, there were cops in my house, they were doing an investigation on my mother. The cops showed me and my sister a photo album. They wanted to show me and my sister photos of our home, and how filthy it was cause they were removing us out of our mothers care. As I opened the album to see the pictures, it wasn’t pictures of our home, it was a yearbook of black and white school photos of about 9 colored women and only a few white women. I couldn’t understand if I did something horrible to those girls in my past lives .I didn’t know if I was a racist, killed those girls, or what. All I could do was cry. Some psychics say we have a choice if we what to be reincarnated, but why would I agree to come back down here to live this kind of life, so of course im going to feel like im being punished for something I did in my past lives. They say we all have a spirit guide, but in my heart, I feel like I have to be my own spirit guide. At times I feel like I’m only down here to give and never recieve because of what I may have done. I know people think im loosing my mind just like some people think psychics are crazy, but Heavenly father showed me those girls for a reason. I asked him to give me a sign in my dreams, and he did. Do you think im crazy?

    • Wow — what a powerful story of survival. I’m so sorry for what you’ve had to endure, but here’s one way to look at it: I believe that people who have an extra-tough burden in life take it on as a way to earn ‘extra credit’ in the karmic schoolroom. Perhaps certain lessons weren’t learned, or they’re in a hurry to move the needle on their growth so they can achieve enlightenment and stay on the Other Side for good. It’s extremely personal, but I also believe that viewing whatever you’re going through right now as a major lesson gives you back your power. To your point of are you paying for something you did in the past, well, sort of; you may be experiencing blowback from another lifetime in that you need to experience what you did to someone else. It’s that version of “what goes around, comes around.” We all go through this to varying degrees. Your sensitivity and sadness are an indicator that you now “get it” and have taken a few more steps in your growth. You don’t need to let that hold you back as you move forward. To hang on to guilt or regret is counterproductive; your “debt” is paid. Also, whether you believe it or not, you DO have a spirit guide. We all do, and his/her job is to help you live your best life. Before you go to sleep, ask him/her to make their presence known to you — you may “see” them in a dream, or get a sensation that they’re around. USE them every dat to help you move on and improve your life; as hard as it is to be human, the beauty is that we don’t go through life alone. Spirit guides are specifically given to us to help us make the best choices and do what we came down here to do. That’s their only job. So take advantage of this entity to help lift your sadness and despair. Many blessings to you.

  2. wow. thank you so much Cindy for taking time to read my story. I can say I feel really good right now. your kind words mean so much. I liked your page on Facebook. my name is Angela baker. im going to take your advice. And again, thank you so so much.

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